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As hypnotic as the Greek sun.

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  • The Emerson - Sapphô by Kim Smiley The Emerson - Sapphô by Kim Smiley

The Emerson

Bronze Athenian lace
Rubies, rutilated quartz & spinel with gold-plated wire

Measures 4.5" long and 1" wide

Available in a rainbow of colours: sapphire, smokey quartz,
rose quartz, blue topaz, lapis lazuli, ametrine, amethyst,
chalcedony, citrine, moonstone, tourmaline and peridot.

Handmade in Toronto, Canada

By Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

They brought me rubies from the mine,
And held them to the sun;
I said, they are drops of frozen wine
From Eden's vats that run.

I looked again,--I thought them hearts
Of friends to friends unknown;
Tides that should warm each neighboring life.