• The Sappho - Sapphô by Kim Smiley The Sappho - Sapphô by Kim Smiley

The Sappho

Classic cuff, inspired by bracelets from the Olbia Treasure, discovered in the ancient
Greek colonies of the Black Sea.

Metallic lace
Rosebud antique brass clasp

Measures 3 ½ inches high x 6 or 8 inches long

Available in bronze, oxidized bronze, gold, pewter or silver
May customize with gems and various clasps

Handmade in Toronto, Canada

Fragment 16
By Sappho (625-570 BCE)

Some say the most beautiful thing
Upon the black earth is an army of horsemen;
Others, of infantry, still others, of ships;
But I say it is what one loves.

Translation by Jane McIntosh Snyder.