• The Yenser - Sapphô by Kim Smiley The Yenser - Sapphô by Kim Smiley

The Yenser

Stacking is highly recommended.

Bronze Athenian lace
Pink & green tourmaline
Victorian Metal, circa 1900
Antique rosebud brass clasp

Measures 6' long and 1.5” high
Other sizes and gems available upon request

Handmade in Toronto, Canada

By Stephen Yenser

One does not want,
O Lord, to heap
Up by still waters
Of words a cairn
But hopes to attend
A small covert
Of tamarisk
Whose leaves salty
Yet feathery
Will shed light over
A thickened plot.

One wants at last
to cede the field
to tamarisk
and mastic tree,
to olive and stone,
stones in the fruit,
seed in the stones.

Poetry, 198, no.2 (May 2011), p. 121